Maureen Walsh Fairchild News

By Leo Kelion Technological know-how reporter

Thousands of internet sites are actively playing a “blackout” protest with anti-piracy laws being talked over by US lawmakers. The Wikipedia encyclopedia together with blogging service WordPress are among the highest profile pages to take out material.
Google is showing solidarity by placing some sort of black box over its logo when US-based users visit its site. The Film Association of America offers branded the action as “irresponsible” and a “stunt”.

People to Wikipedia’s English-language site are greeted by the dark page with white text that says: “Imagine a world without free knowledge… The united states Congress is considering legislation that could fatally damage the 100 % free and open internet. Every day and night, to raise awareness, we are blacking out Wikipedia. ” The quality of a link to additional information about the House with Representatives’ Stop Online Piracy Take action (Sopa) along…

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